What is BhuLekh & How to Change Name in Bhulekh Online – New Update 2023?

What is BhuLekh & How to Change Name in Bhulekh Online?

Bhulekh is a Sanskrit word that means “Bhu + Alekh.” Bhu means land, and Alekh means record. Bhulekh is a website portal provided by the state government.

In earlier times, Bhulekh was a system of care for land records. Under British rule, it became more scientific. The British introduced the concept of surveying and measuring land, and this information was entered into Bhulekh. This made Bhulekh more precise and reliable, and it became the standard system for land records in India.

In 1988-89, the Indian government supported the computerization of land records (CLR) in an effort to make them more organized and user-friendly. The project was undertaken by the National Informatics Centre (NIC. It was completed in March 1991.

The National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP) was launched by the government to bring transparency to the management of land records and to make them available to the public in an affordable form.

Now every state in India keeps its own Bhulekh website, which is maintained by the separate state government. The website contains land records for all properties in the state and is a valuable resource for anyone looking to buy or sell property in India.

Services to Avail on Bhulekh Website

You can avail of the following services:

1). Copy of Jamabandi (nakal)

2). Fard

3). Check and track mutation of property

4). Jamabandi (Records of Rights)

5). Khasra or Khatauni number

Khasra Number

Important Terms of Bhulekh

Khasra number is a unique number given by the land and revenue department to the individual land parcels. The number is generally used for legal and official purposes such as the sale and purchase of land, registration of documents, mutation of records, etc

Khewat Number

Khewat number, also known as the Khata number, is a number that is assigned to the owners who jointly own the property.

Khatauni Number

The Khatauni number is provided to a land owner on whose land cultivation takes place. The Khatauni number is used to identify the land and its owner.

Dakhil Kharij

Dakhil Kharij is a Hindi term for property conversion. It is a process of property transfer in the name of others. The process generally happens when people buy or sell a property. The new owner changes the name of the property to their own and the previous owner’s name is removed from the title.


Jamabandi is a document drafted by every state as a part of the record of rights. The document contains information on the owner of the land, the area of the land, the type of soil, the crop grew, the water resources, etc. It is prepared by the village patwari (clerk) and is updated every year.


Saat-Baara-Utara is a land record document used in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is also known as 7/12, as it lists seven key pieces of information about the property, including the owner’s name and the survey number.

Digitalisation of Bhulekh

The digitization of government records has been a massive boon for citizens. No longer do they have to travel to a government office to view records or request copies – they can do all of that from the comfort of their own homes. And thanks to online government records databases, they can even search for specific records from anywhere in the world.

This increase in accessibility has helped people to stay informed about their government and hold officials accountable. It has also made it easier for researchers to access government records for their studies.

The Indian government has made it easier for citizens to access their land records with the launch of state portals such as Bhulekh UP, Bhulekh MP, Bhulekh Rajasthan, and many more.

Name of Bhulekh State-wise

The following defined as the first state name then it’s Bhulekh name:

Andhra Pradesh Meebhoomi AP

Bihar Bihar Bhulekh

Jharkhand Jharbhoomi

Gujarat AnyRoR

Punjab Jamabandi Punjab

Rajasthan Apna Katha Raj

Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta TN

Haryana Jamabandi Haryana

Himachal Pradesh Himbhoomi

Delhi Bhulekh Delhi

Maharashtra Bhulekh Mahabhumi

West Bengal Banglabhumi

Kerala E-Rekha

Telangana Dharani

Uttarakhand Bhulekh UK/Devbhoomi

Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh UP

Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh MP

Odisha Odisha Bhulekh RoR

Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan CG

Assam Dharitree

Goa Goa Land Records

Manipur Louchapathap

Karnataka Bhoomi

Documents Required for Name Change Application for Bhulekh Land Records

1). Affidavit on stamp paper should be a minimum of Rs.10.

2). Starting newspaper cutting of the advertisement for word shift.

3). Two passport-size photographs.

4). Photocopy of PAN card, Aadhaar card, or passport

5). A CD with a copy of the application in docx format.

6). A letter suggesting that the material in the application’s hard and soft copy is valid.

7). Application form to the authority + registration fee.

Change your Name in the Land Register

It is hereby informed that the name change of the land records for Bhulekh would take about 15 to 20 days for the whole system to get updated. All the related stakeholders are hereby advised to make a note of the same and plan their work accordingly.

Follow these few steps for the name change:

Affidavit Submission: For changing your name, an affidavit guiding for the name change is signed by the Gazette with a notary should be submitted.

Publication of an ad: Publication of ads in local newspapers for a change of name is essential. The ad should be published in 2 newspapers, one regularly in English and the other one in the state language with a “new name”.

Notification of the Gazette: For the legal process, a copy of the advertisement with a new name should be submitted to the Department of publishing.

Visit the land registry office: The owner of the land can visit the registry office once the name has been changed, the new name will be changed with a small fee to pay.

Verification Process: All the documents are checked perfectly for verification of the change name.

Updated name change: After this process the new name will be updated on government documents and a soft copy will be sent.

How to Check the Land Owner Details on Bhulekh Online Portal?

All states have different Bhulekh websites, so the process for checking details is the same. Let’s take the example of the UP Bhulekh website portal.

1). Open the UP Bhulekh website and then click on “Khatauni Ansh Nirdharan Ki Nakal Dekhien” to view the copy.

2). After, you will be redirected to a page where you have to choose a district, tehsil, and village.

3). After entering, a new display will occur, where you have to fill in the details like khasra number or Gata number and enter for search and details will be displayed on your screen.

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