Welcome to 9BKC Bandra!9BKC is a landmark project by Resham Singh Developers

Welcome to 9BKC Bandra 9BKC is a big project made by Resham Singh Developers that is really special

Welcome to 9BKC Bandra! 9BKC is a big project made by Resham Singh Developers that is really special. They make great places to live in Mumbai. They’ve already built some good projects like Malhotra Chambers, Deonar Heights, and Resham Heights.

9BKC is a tall building with 5 levels below the ground, the ground floor, and 13 more floors. It’s all about 0.8 acres big. It’s right in the important part of Mumbai called Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC). BKC is where many important businesses are. This building is near big roads, trains, airplanes, and the metro.
In 9BKC, there are different parts you can use for shops, showrooms, offices, and workspaces.

9BKC plan

5 Level Basement Car Parking.

Lower Ground – 15025 sqft CA – (600 per sqft) Rental

Ground Level – 11916sqft – ( 600 per sqft) Rental

First Level – 15302 – (600 per sqft) Rental

2nd floor – F&B Restaurants – 18000sqft
Outright – (50 – 55,000 per sqft)
(500 per sqft ) – Rental

3rd – 9th Floor
Small Office’s

850 CA – 2896 CA

  • (40,000sqft ++) Outright

9BKC has lots of things that make it good to live there. These things are:

  • A big entrance with a front desk and a waiting area
  • A pool with a place to relax and rooms to change in
  • A gym with really good machines and trainers
  • A special building with a spa, a place to get your hair done, a library, a place to watch movies, and a hall for big events
  • A place to get food and drinks that taste really good
  • A pretty terrace with water and places to sit
  • A room for meetings with stuff to show and Wi-Fi
  • Elevators that are really fast and need your fingerprint
  • A system to stop fires with water and things to see smoke
  • Cameras that watch everything all the time and guards to help
  • A way to keep the power on even if it goes out with machines that make power and batteries
  • A way to collect rainwater with big tanks and things to clean it
  • A plan to manage trash with different bins and ways to get rid of it
  • A system that uses sunlight to make power and share it with others
    9BKC was made by a famous architect named Hafeez Contractor. The way it looks is modern and nice. They also thought about the environment and made it eco-friendly. This helps the Earth and makes life better. The place will probably become more valuable over time and can make money by renting or selling because many people want to live and work in BKC.
    9BKC is more than just a building. It’s like a special place where you can live really well. It has everything you need to be comfy, have fun, feel fancy, and be happy. It makes Bandra look even better and more important. It also helps the area by making jobs, supporting local businesses, and celebrating different cultures.
    If you want to know more about 9BKC by Resham Singh Developers, you can visit their website or call +91 9820582135. Here’s the link: https://www.reshamsinghdevelopers.com/9bkc-bandra/

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