Are you looking to update your kitchen? Check out the latest design trends for 2023, which prioritize sustainability and environmentally conscious choices.

No Upper Cabinets

No upper cabinets are a kitchen design trend that creates a more spacious and open look. It also allows for more natural light and ventilation in the cooking area. However, it may reduce the storage space and require more exposed shelves or walls cleaning.

High Contrast  Kitchen

A high-contrast kitchen can make a small space look bigger, or add drama and elegance to an ample space. However, you should also balance the contrast with some harmony and cohesion, such as using similar shapes, textures, or patterns throughout the kitchen.

Double Islands  kitchen

Traditional kitchens are evolving and expanding. There will be larger – and even double – kitchen islands integrated to accommodate for larger entertaining and gathering space in the kitchen.

Wood Paneling   kitchen

We love wood-paneled ceilings, especially when we can combine it with bright colors or deeper wood tones. On tall and vaulted ceilings, it creates drama and warmth as well as a natural connection to the outdoors.

Butcher-Block Island

A butcher-block island is not only stylish but incredibly functional and durable. We love using walnut as the primary material for a butcher-block island, as it really warms the space. For added functionality, use a butcher-block island that has a mini fridge for extra storage space and plenty of cabinets where you can keep larger appliances hidden.

Creative Cabinetry 

For me, one of the keys to great design is when a client and a designer have the trust to take a risk together and choose a kitchen cabinet color or patterned tile that is bold and unexpected. 

Marble Slab Backsplashes

marble slab backsplashes — which add drama and depth to the kitchen. Not only is it easier to clean than tile, but a marble backsplash and countertop also sets the tone for the entire space and make a big statement.

Overstated Hardware 

We are integrating metalwork onto drawers, doors, and shelving. Also, dark colors and mixed materials are still really popular, which adds sophistication to the room.

Hand-Painted Floors  

Hand-painted floors have a fresh, bespoke farmhouse feeling for today's interiors. Warmer than tile, they also age naturally, allowing the use of color and pattern in any space. 


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