TOP 10 Most Expensive Battle Tanks in the World

BY:Datta Nighut

ThisWeb Stories lists the top 10 most expensive battle tanks in the world, in no particular order. The cost of a battle tank can vary depending on a number of factors, including its armor, armament, and technology. 

K2 Black Panther (South Korea) - $8.5 million

South Korea

AMX-56 Leclerc (France) - $9.3 million


Leopard 2 (Germany) - $5.7 million


M1A2 Abrams (United States) - $6.21 million 

(United States 

Challenger 2 (United Kingdom) - $7.2 million

(United Kingdom) 

T-90 (Russia) - $4.5 million


Arjun Bharat - $7.8 million


C1 Ariete (Italy) - $7.5 million


Type 99 (China) - $2.6 million


Merkava IV (Israel) - $5 million


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