"The Incredible Journey of Ken Block: A Life of Achievement and Adventure"

Hi there! Ken Block is an American professional rally driver and stunt driver, famous for his Gymkhana series of viral videos and for competing in the World Rally Championship. He is also the co-founder of DC Shoes, and is the founder of Hoonigan Industries. Hope that helps!

Ken Block is an American businessman and former professional rally driver. He is the founder of DC Shoes and co-founder of the Hoonigan Racing Division and the Gymkhana racing series. Block has achieved success in multiple racing disciplines, including rally, rallycross, and rally raid, and has been a part of numerous notable racing teams, such as Monster World Rally Team, Subaru Rally Team USA, and Ford Performance.

Throughout his career, Block has earned numerous awards, including being named the FIA World Rallycross Champion in 2019, and being honored with the Spirit of the Rally Award at the Rallye Monte-Carlo in 2012. He has also become a popular figure in the global motorsports community, and is known for his innovative driving style and creative car builds.

In addition to his racing career, Block is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He founded DC Shoes in 1993, and has since gone on to become a successful investor and entrepreneur, investing in multiple companies, such as Stance and eSports League.

Block has also written two books: The Gymkhana Files, which documents his journey as a racing driver, and The Incredible Journey of Ken Block: A Life of Achievement and Adventure, which documents his life as an entrepreneur, investor, and racing driver.