Donald Trump NFTs: A Lucrative Investment?

Former President Donald Trump launched a collection of NFTs called Trump Digital Trading Cards in December 2022. The NFTs depict him as an astronaut, race car driver, cowboy and superhero.

The NFTs were priced at $99 each and sold out in less than a day. The NFTs also came with sweepstakes that offered various rewards like private dinner, cocktail hours, Zoom sessions, and golf with the former president.

The price of the NFTs fluctuated over time, influenced by several major events around Trump’s life such as his indictment and arrest, his announcement of running for president in 2024, and his popularity among his supporters.

According to CoinGecko, the current floor price of the NFTs is 0.40799970 ETH, or about $762.85. That means if you invested $1,000 in Donald Trump NFTs at the time of mint, you would have 10 NFTs worth about $7,628.50 today. That's a 662.85% return on your investment! 

Of course, the value of the NFTs may change over time depending on the market demand and supply, as well as other factors that affect Trump's reputation and influence. The NFTs are not endorsed by any political party or campaign and are not considered donations to Trump. They are purely digital collectibles that reflect Trump's extraordinary life and career.

With Trump running for president in the 2024 election, the NFTs could continue to be talked about during the campaign trail.