6 Real-Life Climate Change Examples That Are Happening Now

Climate change is affecting our earth in numerous ways. Then are some exemplifications of how the rainfall and the terrain are changing due to mortal conditioning.

The most extreme heat surge in world history passed in western North America in late June 2021. Temperatures reached up to49.6 °C(121.3 °F) in Canada, breaking the public record by nearly 5 °C( 9 °F). 

Four rainfall mega-disasters going  over$ 20 billion each happed in 2021. These included cataracts in Europe and China, Hurricane Ida in theU.S., and backfires in California and Greece. These events were made more likely or worse by climate change.  

Climate change has increased the frequency and inflexibility of backfires around the world. Drought, heat, and nonentity outbreaks have made timbers more vulnerable to fire. Backfires release carbon dioxide and bank, which worsen air quality and health. 

Ocean position rise is another effect of climate change. As glaciers and ice wastes melt, they add water to the abysses. The thermal expansion also causes water to expand as it warms. Sea position rise threatens littoral communities and ecosystems with flooding and corrosion.  

Climate change also affects shops and creatures. numerous species have shifted their geographic ranges, migration patterns, or flowering times in response to changing temperatures and rush. Some species may face extermination if they can not acclimatize or find suitable territories.  

These are just some exemplifications of how climate change is impacting our earth. To learn further about the causes and results of climate change, visit https//climate.nasa.gov/.