– This spiky fruit is native to Thailand and has a strong smell and creamy texture. It can cost up to $47,990 each.

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Rare Kanyao Durian 

This hybrid melon is grown in Japan and has smooth orange flesh and a sweet flavor. It can cost up to $45,500 per pair.

Yubari King Melon  

These red grapes are cultivated in Japan and have a large size and high sugar content. They can cost up to $11,000 per bunch. 

Ruby Roman Grapes 

Price: $10 a strawberry  The White Jewel strawberry is like expensive beer. If you have the palette for it, you’re sure to notice this berry’s mysterious flavor. Otherwise, you may be wondering what you paid for.  

White Jewel

This laughing Buddha is one of the cutest fruits you can buy. These pears are produced in the Hebei province of China and have one of the most interesting histories.  

Buddha Shaped Pear

These cherries come from that same famous fruit shop as the Queen strawberries. Established in 1834, Sembikiya is one of the best places to find this expensive and impressive fruit.  

Sembikiya Cherry

People are quick to say that this excellent piece of citrus is well-worth the price. It is much larger than a traditional mandarin but has the same taste.

Dekopon Citru

Japan’s Sekai-Ichi apples are some of the largest in the world and are quite mild in flavor. Prices for one of these specialty apples start at $20. 

Sekai Ichi Apple

Designed to fit more easily into small Japanese refrigerators, square watermelons cost around $100 each. Their shape also makes them easier to ship. 

Square watermelon


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