10 Astonishing Facts Every Traveler Should Know Before Boarding a Flight 

"Discover 10  lesser-known facts that will surprise and impress you, and make sure you're fully prepared for your next flight. From hidden airport amenities to surprising in-flight services, these smart travel tips will make you a pro at flying!" 

Did you know that some airlines offer a "secret menu" for in-flight meals? By calling ahead or requesting it at check-in, you can get access to special meals like gluten-free, kosher, or even raw vegan options.

 If you're looking for a quiet place to relax before your flight, check if the airport has a meditation room. Many major airports now offer these spaces for travelers to find some peace and quiet before their journey.

Speaking of airports, some have hidden amenities like movie theaters, spas, and even swimming pools. Do your research ahead of time to see if your airport has any unique features that you can take advantage of.

Did you know that airlines have secret codes for different types of passengers? For example, if you see the code "UM" on your ticket, it means you're an unaccompanied minor and the airline will take special care of you

If you're traveling with a pet, some airlines have special pet relief areas at the airport, complete with fake grass and waste disposal bags.

Many airports have art galleries showcasing local artists. Take  a walk through these galleries to get a  see of the local culture and support the arts.

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If you're looking to get some exercise during your layover, some airports have walking paths or even full gyms available for travelers.

If you're traveling with a baby, some airlines offer bassinets for infants to sleep in during the flight. Make sure to request this service ahead of time.