UFOs Everywhere: How to Prepare for an Alien Invasion

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Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

The recent news of the US government shooting down three unidentified flying objects UFOs (Unidentified flying object) has sparked wild speculations about potential alien invasions. While we don’t know what might be out there, it’s essential to prepare for the worst-case scenario. In this article, we’ll provide some pointers on how to get ready for an alien invasion based on expert advice.

One of the best resources on planetary defense is a primer titled “An Introduction to Planetary Defense,” authored by Bob Boan and Travis Taylor in the early 2000s. According to Reuters News, “Taylor holds advanced degrees in astronomy and physics and is an associate at consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton.” He and Boan have done consulting work for the Defense Department and NASA, making them credible sources of advice on how to defend our nation against alien attacks.

Taylor and Boan’s most significant recommendation is to prepare in advance, as failure to do so may mean having to fight with improvised weapons and hit-and-run tactics, much like the Islamic extremists battling the US military in Iraq. According to Taylor, this might be our only chance to survive an alien attack.

In 2017, The Sun picked the brains of a former Ministry of Defense (MOD) insider and a top paranormal investigator to figure out the most likely scenario in case of an alien invasion. The MOD representative shared that war cabinets would convene, and news of those would likely go public quickly. Concerned citizens would receive a notice, possibly through social media. However, with the era of “fake news,” many may dismiss such announcements, leaving more room in lifeboats, so to speak. Simultaneously, a civil alert about the UFOs would get issued, urging residents to take cover, preferably at home, and await further instructions from the authorities.

If the invasion’s extent and location are ascertained, the government may issue evacuation orders, as has been planned in the UK, moving people from cities into rural areas or tunnel systems. Residents should pack as much food and clothing as they can carry, but the grim reality is that there may not be much they can do to fight aliens with far superior technology.

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In case of an alien invasion, the best course of action may be to follow the advice from Boan and Taylor and pack food, hideout, and fight the little green men emerging from UFOs like insurgents. While we hope that we’ll never have to face an alien invasion, being prepared may save lives and increase our chances of survival.

In conclusion, preparing for an alien invasion is a daunting task, considering that we know little about what might be out there. However, by following the advice from experts, such as Boan and Taylor, we may increase our chances of survival and minimize casualties. In the face of an alien attack, it’s essential to stay alert, keep informed, and be ready to take action to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Here are some Potential Questions and Answers related to the article:

Q: What prompted the recent speculation about UFOs?

A: The US government recently shot down three UFOs, two of which were in American airspace and one was over Canada.

Q: Who wrote An Introduction to Planetary Defense and why should we pay attention to their advice?

A: The book was written by Bob Boan and Travis Taylor, who hold advanced degrees in astronomy and physics and have done consulting work for the Defense Department and NASA.

Q: What is the strongest recommendation from Taylor and Boan for preparing for an alien invasion?

A: The authors recommend preparing in advance, even though it’s difficult to know what to expect from a potential alien attack.

Q: What might happen in the event of an alien invasion according to a former Ministry of Defense insider?

A: War cabinets would likely convene, and a civil alert about the UFOs would be issued. People would be advised to take cover and await further instructions from authorities. Evacuation orders might also be issued, and people would be moved from cities to rural areas or tunnel systems.

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