Texas Chainsaw Massacre Update 1.000.003: What’s New in the Game?

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre Update 1.000.003: What's New in the Game?"

Good news for all gaming fans! The latest update for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, called Update 1.000.003, is now out. This eagerly awaited update brings exciting changes to the game, important bug fixes, and lots of other improvements. You can get this update on all platforms, so whether you’re a new player or a veteran, you can enjoy the improved gameplay. Just keep in mind that the update’s file size may differ depending on your platform.

The update comes with a list of important fixes. Firstly, it tackles the problem of the game stuttering on PC when playing with Ultra graphics settings. This should make the game smoother for players with the right hardware. 

Another fix deals with voice chat not working for party members in lobbies, which was a frustrating issue. This means you won’t lose your voice chat when you enter a lobby anymore.

The update also sorts out XP progression issues, like a bug in the user interface that falsely displayed rank ups after each match without earning the required XP. It also fixes inaccurate XP counts and delays in earning XP.

The patch notes also mention various crashes and freezes that have been fixed, including a PS4 crash linked to unlocking trophies and a crash high-level players experienced on the match results screen.

There are some changes to improve the gameplay too. PC players can now customize their controls with key rebinding. Lobbies will now start with 6 players, making the game startup smoother and reducing the number of incomplete lobbies.

The Quick Match menu has been moved to the top of the options, which means quicker matchmaking and fuller lobbies. However, PC players have been temporarily separated from the console player base in cross play while the developers work on improving anti-cheat measures and resources.

The update also brings enhancements to the anti-cheat system, making cheat detection, tracking, and logging better for future improvements.

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