7 Small Towns In Texas You Need to Visit

Small Towns in

Texas is a state known for its vastness and fierce independence, home to some of America’s largest cities and small towns in texas flung far and wide across the Lone Star State. Each of these small places is bursting with big Texan pride and personality. Here are the seven best small towns in texas in Texas that you must visit.

Best small towns in texas Luckenbach

Located just an hour’s drive west of Austin, Luckenbach is a three-person town that gets a steady stream of curious visitors wanting to see the place that country singers Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson  

romanticised in their 1970s hit song. When a town has only two buildings, and one of them is a dance hall, it’s bound to be a fun-loving place. Aside from the friendly dance hall, there’s a rustic general store to explore. As Waylon said, life’s simple in Luckenbach.

Best small towns in texas Lockhart

Found along the Chisholm Trail just south of Austin, the small town of Lockhart is where hungry souls go to follow their BBQ bliss. Local pit masters at such places as Black’s Barbecue, Smitty’s Market, Chisholm Trail BBQ, and Kreuz Market have helped Lockhart earn its badge as the “Black’s Barbecue Capital of Texas” by turning out smoky and delicious pork ribs, brisket, sausages, and more. Beyond its BBQ feasts, discover Lockhart’s Victorian-era grandeur on a wander around the town square and historic buildings, including Dr. Eugene Clark Library and Caldwell County Courthouse.

Small towns in texas Jefferson – Bigfoot in Jefferson Texas

To visit Jefferson is to step back in time to its 1800s glory days when the town’s river port bustled with steamboats heading for New Orleans. The arrival of the railways ended Jefferson’s golden era, but town pride and preservation efforts saved its grand 19th-century buildings, many of which now serve as hotels, bed & breakfasts, or museums. Ghosts are said to be lurking in some of those buildings, which you could learn about on a spooky tour. Be sure to also keep a lookout for mysterious ape-like creatures in the area, since Jefferson’s been proclaimed the “.”

Wimberley – small towns in texas

Wimberley is a quaint little town in the Texas Hill Country and a fun place to explore for culture and outdoor enthusiasts. Find charming little antique shops and art galleries displaying hand-blown glassworks, paintings, and weavings of local artists. Bluegrass and country music fans will enjoy a boot-scootin’ time at Twin Sisters Historic Dance Hall or Gruene Hall – Texas’ Oldest Dance Hall Wimberley’s two swimming holes – Jacob’s Well and The Blue Hole– offer spectacular spots for a dip. You could spend your days tasting and touring around Wimberley Valley Winery 

Marfa -Small towns in texas

Marfa is a remote town in West Texas that’s full of surprises. Drive a short distance out of town to find a Prada store standing alone in the desert – it’s actually a whimsical work of art and just one of the many artistic creations that sprung up around Marfa since New York artist Donald Judd made his giant art installations here in the 1970s. Beyond the art galleries, those looking for inspiration need only look up into the night sky for a chance to see the famous Marfa Lights: mysterious glowing orbs that have been sighted regularly in the area.

Discover the Haunting Beauty of Caddo Lake texas

If you’re looking for a more secluded escape, consider visiting Uncertain, Texas. Despite its name, this charming town has plenty of things to enjoy beyond taking an obligatory selfie with the town sign. Located on the shores of Caddo Lake near the border with Louisiana, Uncertain is a hauntingly beautiful destination for birdwatching, kayaking, and fishing in the shade of Spanish-moss covered cypress trees.


Whether you’re a seasoned cowboy or just looking for a taste of the Wild West, Bandera de and Uncertain are two destinations that should be on your list. From rodeos and shootouts to dude ranches and hauntingly beautiful lakes, these two towns offer a unique glimpse into the history and culture of the American cowboy. So what are you waiting for? Grab your cowboy hat and boots and head on down to Bandera de Uncertain, Texas!

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