NGDRS National Generic Document Registration System of India New update


The NGDRS National Generic Document Registration System of India is a centralized system for the registration of all property of documents. The system has been designed to provide a single window for the registration of all types of documents about the property.

What is NGDRS?

(NGDRS) software to assist state and local governments with their property registrations. It is an in-house, state-specific software that helps states automate their property registration processes. It also interfaces with other NGA systems, such as the National Geospatial Database (NGDB) and the State Geospatial Data System (SGDS).

The National Generic Document Registration System of India (NGDRS) offers a range of services to help you like you can do online property valuation, stamp duty calculation, and other services.

It is developed in a way that caters to the specific needs of every state of India. Their system also provides the geographical, climatic, and economic conditions of the states.

Key objectives of NGDRS

1). One Nation One Software

2). It is a Simple platform for the registration of properties and documents across the nation.

3). Citizen empowerment by providing property valuation and online document submission through the internet.

4). It is a reliable and single platform for all the stakeholders in the registration process.

Importance of NGDRS

National Generic Document Registration System is the first of its kind in the country and has been designed to streamline the process of document registration of property.

The NGDRS has been operational since May 2016 and has so far registered over 1.5 million documents. It is a user-friendly system that is available 24×7 and is accessible from anywhere in the world through the internet.

NGDRS offers a complete and easy-to-access user interface for property and document registration. The website provides step-by-step instructions on how to register both property and documents. Customers can also find answers to frequently asked questions, contact customer service, and learn about the benefits of registration. It also can find out the Ready reckoner rate or circle rate for lands.

NGDRS also provides technology that allows citizens to decide about the type of land purchase they want to make. DOI will be able to use NGDRS to select the best land for each specific project.

The whole workflow of NGDRS has not only proved beneficial for citizens but also cost-effective and time-saving for the government. The cost of implementing and maintaining the system is much lower than the traditional paper-based system.

How was NGDRS prepared?

NGDRS has been developed using several open-source development tools Like the Eclipse integrated development environment and the Apache Hadoop Distributed File System. The use of open-source tools has allowed NGDRS to be developed quickly and more efficiently, without the need for expensive proprietary software.

NGDRS is preferred as the web-based solution implementing a single instance for an entire state, which will provide unsurpassed resilience, interoperability, and portability. The system was designed to be flexible and configurable so that it could be tailored to the unique needs and practices of each state’s registration department.

Property Registration via NGDRS

Registering your property with the NGDRS portal is a simple method. You have to fill out the citizen registration form on NGDRS’s official website.

You have to fill in the following details for registration.

1). Citizen Type (Indian or NRI)

2). Address

3). State

4). District

5). Email Id

6). Username

7). Password

8). Captcha Code

After filling in all the above-mentioned details in the form click on submit, and you are all done, you are officially registered on NGDRS.

Property valuation on the NGDRS website

It allows the citizens to calculate the valuation of their desired property. Here are a few steps to learn how you can evaluate the NGDRS site:

1). First, go to the NGDRS and log in to the concerned state(it is a portal where the property is evaluated).

2). Click on the registration as a citizen for NGDRS login. Enter the basic details and proceed to log in.

3). Choose your FY(Finacial year). A registered citizen can choose the last financial year.

4). Fill in the basic detail like district, taluka, and concerned municipal council.

5). Now fill in the survey number of the connected location.

6). Now choose the right property usage.

7). Select your construction type.

8). Choose the age and road vicinity of the area.

9). After all this click on calculate and save.

10). The total valuation is visible on the screen.

How to submit an online application on NGDRS?

The NGDRS is customized for the specific needs of every state and is being delivered in phases over many years. Applying NGDRS is different for every state. Let’s take the example of Jharkhand for online application forms.

1). Go on the official portal of NGDRS for the Jharkhand website and click on  Grievance.

2). After clicking a window, fill in the details.

Details are:


Email Id

Mobile Number

SRO Office


Service Name

Application Number


Grievance Query

3). After this click on get OTP, OTP is sent to your registered mobile number fill in the OTP and Proceed. Your application will be submitted online. You also track it on the ‘Track Grievance’ page on the website.

How to submit a deed for registration on NGDRS?

To submit deeds or documents for registration on NGDRS. Then follow these steps while filling in property registration details on the state NGDRS official website.

1). Registered as a new user registration and proceed to log in.

2). Fill in all the required details in the info tab with complete details in the property and valuation tab.

3). Fill in all the party details and choose one party as a presenter, also fill in witness details.

4). Make payment through the internet and do stamp duty calculation.

5). Make sure to read the pre-registration summary and upload a file and then proceed with the data submission.

6). Fix an appointment with the SRO office, on the appointment date visit the SRO office for the further application process.

States have implemented NGDRS

NGDRS was a platform developed by the Department of Land Resources through the NIC. The platform was launched in 2018 and was used in seven states of India till December 2019 and now it reached number eleven. The states included being: Punjab, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Manipur, Jharkhand, Goa, Mizoram, and Himachal Pradesh.

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