PM Modi to inaugurate Mumbai Trans Harbour Link opening soon | Mumbai to Navi Mumbai in 20 minutes.

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link Indias Longest Sea Bridge Atal Setu


In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the upcoming Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) that is set to open soon. This infrastructure project will connect Mumbai to Navi Mumbai in just 20 minutes, making traveling between the two cities much easier. This is great news for Mumbai residents and travelers alike! The MTHL will reduce travel times between the two cities, making it easier to get around and access various parts of Mumbai. We’ll also discuss the progress of the project and some of the features of this engineering marvel.

The MTHL, also known as the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Mumbai Trans Harbor Link or the Shivdi Nhavasheva Mumbai Trans Harbor Link, is the country’s longest bridge. The idea of building a bridge across Thane Creek was first proposed in 1990, but the project faced many delays and challenges. Finally, in 2016, the foundation stone of this bridge was laid by the Prime Minister of the country, Honorable Narendra Modi. The construction work of this bridge started in 2018 and this bridge was completely completed in 2023. It is being opened for traffic in 2024. In 2023, this bridge was named after the former Prime Minister of the country, late Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Structure and Design

The Mumbai Trans Harbor Link Project is total 21.8 km long and includes a 16 km long sea bridge. This project starts from the Mumbai side, Shivdi and ends at Chirle in Navi Mumbai. There are total three interchanges in this project. The first is at Shivdi, Mumbai, the second is at Shivajinagar and the third is at Chirle of Navi Mumbai. This bridge is made of concrete and steel and has a total of six lanes. There is a 4 km long steel span in the middle of this bridge, under which ships can easily pass. The longest steel span is 180 meters long. The maximum speed of vehicles on this bridge will be 100 km per hour. There is an open road on this bridge. There will be a toll system. Intelligent traffic system has also been used here. Along with this, there are also 130 speed cameras and CCTV surveillance on this bridge.

Environmental and Social Impact

The MTHL is not only a boon for the commuters, but also for the environment and the wildlife. Instead of dismantling the 5.6 km long temporary bridge built during the construction of this bridge, it is used for bird watching. It will be used as a platform for observing the migratory birds that inhabit the area, such as flamingos, seagulls, etc. Environmentally friendly lights have been used in this bridge so that the birds do not face any problem. This bridge is also located in a sensitive area like Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Therefore, vision barriers have also been installed on this bridge to prevent any security breach.

Traffic Movement

The MTHL will ease the traffic congestion between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and provide better connectivity to various parts of the city. There are three interchanges in this project that will allow the vehicles to enter and exit the bridge. Now let us see from this animation how the traffic movement will be from these interchanges.

First of all, let us see the traffic of Shivdi Interchange. If you are coming to Wadala from Eastern Freeway and you want to go on Atal Setu Trans Harbor Link then you can go by this route and if you want to go to Wadala via Eastern Freeway then you can go by this route. If you are coming from Navi Mumbai side and you want to go to South Mumbai via Eastern Freeway, then you can go like this. If you want to go to Bombay Port Trust, then you can go directly by taking the exit from Trans Harbor Link.

[Insert animation here]


The MTHL is a landmark project that will transform the transportation and development of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. It will save time, fuel, and money for the travelers and also benefit the environment and the wildlife. It will also boost the tourism and the economy of the region. The MTHL is a testament to the vision and the skill of the engineers and the workers who have made this dream a reality. We hope you enjoyed this blog post and learned something new about this amazing bridge. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more updates.

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