Indian Property Site User Research and Analysis – Magic Bricks

Indian Property Site User Research and Analysis - Magicbricks

Magic Bricks is one of the best leading real estate portals in India. It offers a platform for home buyers and sellers to connect and make educated decisions. Their portal provides a collection of resources and tools that make the home buying and selling process easier.

It has the largest database of properties in India, and its team of experts is always ready to help you every step of the way.  tap this to visit the official website of Magic Brick.

Project description of Magicbrick

It had been four years since Magic Bricks had last major redesigned their platform. The company had grown significantly in that time, and its platform needed to reflect that. They were planning to revamp their entire platform, from the ground up.

This meant that they would need to re-evaluate their entire architecture, design, and user experience. It would be a massive undertaking, but one that was necessary to keep up with the competition.

They started by setting up a team of experts to lead the project. This team would be responsible for coming up with the new design, as well as project managing the entire process. They also put together a budget and timeline for the project.

They started by conducting interviews with a variety of users, both current and potential. They asked them about their experience with Magicbrick, what they liked and didn’t like, and what they would change if they could. They also asked them about their overall experience with online real estate portals, and what their specific needs and wants were.

With this information, it was able to create a detailed report that outlined the current state of the user experience and made recommendations for improvements.

UX studio was approached by Magicbrick with a request to conduct extensive user research. It is a startup that has recently launched a new app that allows users to sell and buy properties without the need for a real estate agent. The company was looking for feedback on the app’s design and user experience.

After conducting some initial research, UX Studio decided to use a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to gather data. They analyzed usage data to see how people were using the app and what areas needed improvement.

Project goals:

1). The first goal of the project is to find the major information from different segments like buyers, tenants, owners, and agents.

2). Validate all the services that have been planned and have been explored in the following ways:

Kick-off meeting

Stakeholder interviews

Competitor analysis

User journeys

Research analysis

Team Composition of Magicbricks

Have a team of two UX researchers who conducted a study on the Magic Bricks website. Lead Designer from Magic Bricks was the main contact person. It looked at the site’s design and user experience and provided our findings and recommendations to the Lead Designer.

Their team members worked closely with different members of each team, as well as all Project Managers for the Magicbricks project. They also had regular meetings with the project sponsor. The Project Sponsor was very pleased with the team’s work and gave them positive feedback.

Kick-off Meeting and Stakeholder Interviews

The kick-off meeting of Magicbrick served to show the scope and objectives of the project. It was attended by the project manager, the project sponsor, and the project team total of 17 people in the meeting. The objectives of the project were presented and discussed. The project manager reviewed the project schedule and assigned tasks to the project team. The project sponsor reviewed the budget and approved the project’s funding.

The CTO provided information on technical limitations which was very helpful. It is important to know what the limitations are so that we can make sure that everything we want to do is possible. On the other hand Sales and customer support teams are regularly the closest to the end user, and as such, they can offer valuable insights into customer needs and preferences.

They collected materials from previous research, such as personas, jobs to be done, and usability tests. They also created some new ones. They also do a competitor analysis and other many services.

UX Research of the Project

The research plan was created with the objectives and the research questions for the Magicbrick project. The objectives are:

1). Understand the reasons why people use Magic bricks

2). Understand how people use Magic bricks

The research questions are:

1). What are the reasons why people use Magic bricks?

2). How do people use Magicbricks?

The research plan is to use a qualitative research method with focus group interviews with people who use Magicbrick. Interviews will take place over two weeks.

In India, the process of buying or renting a property can be long and complicated. There are many different players involved, from brokers to landlords to property developers.

Magic bricks research suggested that the major problem for people trying to buy or rent a property in India was brokers, They are the middlemen who help connect buyers and sellers, but they can also be infamous for their high fees and strong-arm tactics.

If you’re looking to buy or rent a property in India, it’s important to be aware of the broker system and the potential problems that can occur.

The current practice in real estate is to provide buyers with MLS listings that include basic information about the property, such as square footage, number of bedrooms, and number of bathrooms.

The local doesn’t know about the area so they make detailed information about the property and its surroundings to create a neighborhood report. This report would include information about the schools in the area, the crime rate, the average cost of living, and any other relevant information that would be useful to buyers. After everything you know, what is Magicbricks?

Key takeaways from the project Magic Brick in India:

1). Local can play a major role in any project.

2). Some things may not happen on time, don’t lose your faith. Make the perfect and deal with it.

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