How to Pay Your MCGM Water Bill Online 2023

MCGM Portal Water Bill Payment In Mumbai

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, also known as the  MCGM Water Department online water bill payment is responsible for distributing water to the citizens of Mumbai. The MCGM Water provides approximately 2850 million liters of water to Mumbai every day. The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) has launched The Aqua Portal a user-friendly online platform that enables residents to view their online water tax payments and make them conveniently.

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MCGM Portal Water Bill Payment In Mumbai

One of the MCGM’s primary goals is to maintain a water supply that is safe for consumption. To achieve this, the MCGM treats water at various stages before distributing it to households. It is also responsible for repairing and maintaining water pipelines and ensuring that water tariffs are affordable for all citizens.

Mumbai’s water comes from the Tansa Lake in the Thane District, Vihar Lake is located near Vihar village, Modak Sagar, Bhatsa, Upper Vaitarna, and Middle Vaitarna lakes. The city’s water supply comes from these lakes, which are all located outside of Mumbai.

It is mandatory to pay the water payment bill on time to ensure an uninterrupted water supply. If the bill is not paid on time, the water supply will be disconnected and a reconnection fee will be charged. Late payments may also be penalized.

MCGM earlier was known as BMC(Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) which was established in the year 1889. MCGM is responsible for the civic infrastructure and administration of Greater Mumbai.

Services Offered on MCGM Website:

Visit the Aqua Portal website ( and click on the “Citizen Login” button.

The following terms and conditions 

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How to Pay Your MCGM Water Bill Online 2023 7

1). Water bill online payment

2). Renewal of licenses for a shop license

3). Property tax payment

4). Birth or death certificate registration

5)online water tax payment

CCN Number on Water Bill

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The CCN number is a ten-digit alphanumeric consumer number of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). It is required for all water and property tax-related services in the city. The number is unique to each consumer and is used to track and manage service requests. To find it, it is located left top of the bill.

Example of CCN number = HKU7895874

How to do Online Water Bill Payment of MCGM

The MCGM offers an online payment facility for water bills. This service is available through the MCGM website, as well as through several third-party websites and apps.

Paying your MCGM water bill online is easy and convenient. It can be done using a credit or debit card, as well as through net banking. Follow the steps below to pay your water bill online through its website:

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MCGM Citizen login page

1). visit the MCGM website and choose your language

2). Now go to the Citizen login page

3). After that select the water bill payment option and enter your CNN number and enter.

4). Now the total is displaying on your screen. You can pay in full or you can pay as you want.

5). confirm the payment through credit or debit card and UPI

Your payment is done, take a screenshot as proof.

Water Bill Payment Through The MCGM Water Bill App

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How to Pay Your MCGM Water Bill Online 2023 9

The MCGM water bill app is now officially known as MyBMC24x7. This app can be used for MCGM online payment of water bills or many other bills. You can use this app to pay your water bill in a few simple steps.

1). First, download the app on your mobile and open it.

2). Register on the app and fill in the details and login with OTP sent to your mobile number.

3). Now, you can see the water bill payment click on that and verify your CNN.

4). After all, you can easily pay your bill without verifying your details regularly amount can be paid using the best mode of payment.

How to View MCGM Water Bill Online

To view your bill follow these simple steps:

1). Go to the MCGM water bill view page. fill in your details such as CNN number and scroll down to see download bills.

2). Now, click on the Duplicate bill then view to expand the bill. After this, the bill will show on your screen with details like the total amount bill, CNN number dates, etc

3). Now download the bill which is showing on your screen.

Check MCGM Water Bill Payment History

Customers can also view their past payment history by logging into their accounts and selecting the “History” tab. To view your MCGM water bill payment history:

1. Go to the MCGM aqua portal and log in to your account.

2. Click on the “download bills” and enter your CNN number and then click on the “History” tab.

3. Now, Your past water bill payments will be listed in recorded order, with the most recent payment at the top.

By default, the history view will show all payments made in the last 12 months. However, you can use the options in the “Filter” menu to view payments made in a specific period.

MCGM Water Bill Payment Offline

If you want to pay the water bill offline, you have to visit the nearest BMC office. Bring a copy of your bill and you can pay the bill amount in cash, debit or credit card, UPI, cheque, and demand draft.

If you want to pay by cheque then, you should write “Brihanmumbai Mahanagarpalika” in the name section of the cheque and also write your CNN number and mobile no. on the back of the cheque.

For NEFT payment fill in these details:

Account Name – MCGM Water Charges

Account Number – MCGMWCSX10360115

IFSC Code – SBIN0000300

MCGM Water Charges in Mumbai

User Manual-Citizen Portal

Click here to download User Manual-Citizen Portal PDF

1). For domestic users MCGM Water Charges is INR 5.22 per 1000 liters.

2). For Slum dwellers users MCGM Water Charge is INR 2.91 per 1000 liters.

3). For Commercial users MCGM Water Charges INR 9.2 per 1000 liters.

4). For Sewerage charges users MCGM Water Charges is INR 70% of the water charges.

Customer Care for MCGM Water Bill

If you are a customer of MCGM and have questions or concerns about your water bill, there are a few ways to get in touch with the MCGM customer care team.

The first way to reach out is by calling the MCGM customer care helpline at 022-27535773/022-27523816.

for payment issues, you can Reach or

For technical support, Mail at

For all the feedbacks send mail to

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