High Prairie News: Events, History, and Astrology for April 24th 

High Prairie News

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Canada’s northern region houses the town of High Prairie, nestled in Big Lakes County. Flanked by Highway 2 and Highway 749, it sits 118 km west of Slave Lake and only 89 km northeast of Valleyview.

High Prairie Council meeting

Today’s events are happening in the community: Peace River town council meeting at 5 p.m. in the council chambers, Kinuso Seniors Centre hosting Ladies Time Out at 7 p.m., and High Prairie AA chapter gathering at HP Church of the Nazarene at 7:30 p.m.

High Prairie town council Grouard Board

On this day in 1915, the town council of Grouard and the Grouard Board of Trade, and the Conservative Association started a campaign to persuade the federal Minister of Railways to extend the Edmonton, Dunvegan, and British Columbia Railroad to Grouard. The editor of Grouard News, J.E. Cook, said, “Somebody has to make sure that Grouard is not fooled by empty promises again.”

High Prairie Sales and Service

On this day in 1962, High Prairie Sales and Service held a sale that attracted over 2,000 customers who bought cars, trucks, tractors, and machinery. In 1968, the building permitted in High Prairie reached more than $1 million, mainly due to a permit for $949,000 to construct E.W. Pratt High School.

High Prairie town local events and milestones, and History

Throughout the years, April 24th has witnessed a range of local events and milestones, including:

  • 1970: The Bay store in High Prairie celebrates 300 years of the company.
  • 1971: Kinuso School students raise money for recreation and sports by doing a Walk-a-Thon.
  • 1972: Stan Beattie becomes the president of the Faust Community League.
  • 1974: Joussard gets a new fire truck and holds the fourth annual Firefighter’s Ball.
  • 1976: The High Prairie Golden Age Centre opens its doors.
  • 1982: Joussard unveils its new fire hall and fire truck.
  • 2006: The Gordon Buchanan Family donates $300,000 for the second ice surface gym facility, which is named after them.

High Prairie History important events that happened on April 24 at different times

According to Bangladesh astrology, Aries natives may be drawn to mystical or spiritual topics, while Taurus natives may have mixed emotions about their joint venture with a friend. Gemini natives may have to deal with a lot of unfinished tasks to close a business deal, and Cancer natives may have to contact important events that happened at different times

In world news, History reports Some of the important events that happened on April 24 at different times are:

1184 BC: The Trojan Horse helps the Greeks get inside Troy.

1066: Halley’s Comet shows up and an English monk foretells the doom of the country.

2013: The Rana Plaza building crumbles in Bangladesh, causing 1,134 deaths and more than 2,500 injuries in the worst industrial disaster in the nation’s history.

That’s a remarkable achievement. Are you a fan of horse racing jockey Bill Shoemaker won his 8,000th race in 198.


According to the website of NNN News, High Prairie is marked by local events and news in town, historical events, and astrological forecasts. Stay tuned for more updates!

Credit: southpeacenews.com and NNN News



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