A comprehensive Guide to Purchasing Gaothan property in Maharashtra

Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing Gaothan Properties in Maharashtra

The Gaothan property in Maharashtra has been the subject of several rumors and misunderstandings. Some people believe that the property is cursed, while others believe that it is haunted. The truth, however, is that the Gaothan property is simply a piece of land that has been abandoned for many years.

The Gaothan property is located in the village of Gaothan, which is situated in the district of Ratnagiri. The property is owned by the government, and it is believed that it was once used as a military base.

For many people, the dream of buying a home is quickly turning into a far-off reality. The high cost of living in urban areas is making it increasingly difficult for people to afford a home, let alone save for a down payment.

Gaothan properties, on the other hand, are more reasonable and often provide a better quality of life. Their areas are typically located on the outskirts of cities and often offer more space and greenery than urban areas.

In recent years, property prices across Maharashtra have increased dramatically. This has made it difficult for many people to afford a home in the city. However, there is one area that remains relatively affordable: the Gaothan.

It is a traditional village that has been absorbed into the city over time. It is located on the outskirts of the city and is home to many of the city’s poorest residents. However, due to its location and lack of development, the Gaothan is still relatively affordable than other properties.

What is a Gaothan Property? Meaning & History Explained

When we think of the world’s great cities, our mind conjures up images of towering skyscrapers, bustling streets and endless lights. But the reality is that most of the world’s population still lives in rural areas.

Gaothans are unique settlements in Maharashtra which are a throwback to a time when villages were self-sufficient and people were in touch with their roots.

Section 122 of Maharastra’s “Land revenue code” refers gaothan to as a village, town, or city that is in the process of being urbanized. This usually happens when the population of an area begins to increase and new development is needed to accommodate the growing population.

The township is divided into sectors, and each sector has its own amenities and facilities. The builders in Navi Mumbai construct the apartments purchased on the “SADE BARAH TAKKA” also known as the 12.5% Gaothan expansion project (12th floor) scheme. The scheme was introduced by the CIDCO to makeNavimumbai a world-class city.

Is Gaothan Property Legal?

The documentation for the land on which the property has been built has to be in order for the property to be legal. The land on which the property is built is considered Gaothan land.

The Gaothan land is the agricultural land that is common in villages. The land includes the area that is outside the legal boundary of the village. The application for the registration of the property has to be made to the taluka office. The application has to be made within the prescribed format.

The application has to be accompanied by the title deeds, the survey plan of the land, and the tax-paid receipts. The application has to be submitted to the tehsildar. The officer in the taluka office will verify the documents and sanction the registration of the property.

The purchase procedure for Gaothan property is as follows:

1). The owner of the Gaothan property should sell their plot to the CIDCO.

2). The CIDCO will then auction off the plot to the highest bidder.

3). The successful bidder will then have to pay the CIDCO the agreed upon price for the plot.

4). Once the payment has been made, the ownership of the plot will be transferred to the new owner.

Due to the complex nature of Gaothan property issues, it is best to seek legal advice from a capable lawyer. Which is specialize in this type of property buying.

Documents required to buy house in Goathan:

1). Award copy

2). Letter of Allotment

3). Intent letter

4). Lease Contract

5). Transfer Charge receipt

6). Final order

7). Tripartite agreement

The Gaothan Expansion Scheme

As per the Goathan Landowner Act, any person owning agricultural land within 200 meters of a gaothan’s existing boundaries is liable to have their land acquired by the state. Their owner will be given first preference to buy the land, at the prevailing market value. If the goathan owner does not wish to buy the land, it will be offered for sale to the general public.

The Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 44 (“MLR Code”) provides that any person may purchase up to 200 meters of a gaothan’s existing boundaries. This section of the MLR Code applies to all types of gaothans, including those that are rectangular, square, or circular in shape.

The activities permitted by the Gaothan Expansion plan are:

Create house.

Retail establishments, Personal care clinics, and repair shops.

Colleges & School.

Storage spaces for crops, manure, feed, and other requirements like these.

Parks and playgrounds.

Fishing, storing boats, maintaining, and repairing boats.

Public washrooms.

Warehouse and plots no larger than 0.20 hectares.

Daily essentials shops.

The Gaothan Properties Loans

The Bombay High Court recently observed that the mere approval of a loan by a housing finance company for the purchase of a property in a Nathan (village) does not make the property legal. The court was hearing a case filed by a housing finance company against a borrower who had defaulted on a loan.

The borrower had taken a loan from the housing finance company to purchase a property in a Gaothan. The property was later found to be illegal, and the borrower stopped making payments on the loan. The housing finance company then filed a case against the borrower.

The court observed that the housing finance company had not done enough due diligence before approving the loan. The company had not checked whether the property was legal or not. The court said that the mere fact that the loan was approved did not make the property legal.

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