British style and fairytale wallpapers flourish in Anna Perho’s dreamy country house

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1/ A dream about an old disaster

I have dreamed of an old house since I was a child. This house in my hometown, Ypäjä, had come to my little brother. In the middle of summer 2020, he offered to sell us the house. My husband Sami At first I wasn’t excited about the idea of ​​buying an old mess. He is realistic and thoughtful, while I act and think only afterward. Congratulations to Sam: since he made the decision, he has been totally on board, although his dream is a scandicube in the archipelago.

My principle when renovating an old house has been to do only what is necessary. But it has taken a lot of that. We knew what we were buying, but we didn’t understand it.

Fortunately, after a brief search, we found professionals who helped us. We have had to refinish the floors in the kitchen, hallway and bathroom, replace the logs, build a sewage system, new electricity and a false ceiling. house doctor Panu Kaila The book has been read and traditional and ecological natural materials have been used in the renovation. The next test is whether I will be inspired to tend my abundant garden in its natural state. A dynamic garden would be attractive – it’s a Swedish term for a “nature-led” garden, so I’d translate it as letting it be and seeing what happens.

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British style and fairytale wallpapers flourish in Anna Perhos dreamy

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The exterior renovation of this late 19th century house is still underway. The logs at the ends of the house are covered with red dirt. In her enchanting, forest-filled “secret garden,” Anna plans courses and various pop-up events for the house.

1703260302 189 British style and fairytale wallpapers flourish in Anna Perhos dreamy

The Brass 96 lamp by Gervason, an eye-catcher in the kitchen, is a discovery by interior designer Anni Taimisto. The kitchen island is from Epoq and the striking floors are from Domus Classica. The colors that project through the tiles should never disappear. Antique furniture is found in the house.

2/ Dark and atmospheric

The kitchen is an important place in our family. It bothered me that I didn’t really know what kind of large kitchen would be worth building. I contacted someone known for restaurant interiors. Anni Taimisto and Annika from the blog Vihreä talo. For reference, I gave you a photo of the Rolling Stones recording an album at the Nellcotê estate in France in 1972. It has a spirit that could be in my kitchen… and throughout the house. They came up with the idea immediately.

I had thought about dark wood walls for the kitchen, but hesitated. When Anni said to stay in the dark, she opened up the whole idea of ​​the kitchen. I originally planned to paint the kitchen cabinets a bright green, but that would have been too much.

Saareke was essential for me. As someone who cooks a lot, I can appreciate the counter space. Handmade kitchen tiles take the kitchen to the “next level.” I chose a second-rate board for the dining room, so the floor would look a little worn. At least it didn’t save money, because the workers had to do the work. Personally I like that there are holes and mistakes in the ground.

1703260303 169 British style and fairytale wallpapers flourish in Anna Perhos dreamy

Anna renovated the dish cabinet in the hallway and turned it into a bar cabinet. She has always liked the aesthetics of bars: the finest ones have a wonderful glamour. Originally, the turquoise cabinet had to be painted three times. Anna used leftover wallpaper to paper the back wall. Another of the flags is the family of Anna’s husband.

1703260304 591 British style and fairytale wallpapers flourish in Anna Perhos dreamy

From the kitchen there is access through the bathroom to the hall and the guest room. Anna wanted to keep the beautiful old stove in the kitchen, even though it is not in working condition. On the other hand, the oven in the house works well.

3/ British style fantasy

I have always admired the English stately style. The British have a masterful ability to mix everything together to make the whole look coherent. It’s a tough sport.

The interior of the room was inspired by Cole & Son wallpaper, which is a mix of British spirit, old world and fantasy. That’s actually what this house is about: it’s a fantasy of some of Anna’s own countries. I hope that when a house is on fire, a person enters another reality, and the evil world is far away!

The British-inspired Andrew sofas in the living room are large enough for a large room. The coffee table screamed Bukowski. It costs only 200 euros. Auctions are also, hopefully, fairly affordable opportunities for those looking for custom interior design. For a long time I was looking for a chandelier in the hallway.

Such a large space also requires rug size. This hallway rug probably measures 4×5 meters. I bought all the oriental rugs in our house, used and serviced, at Antiikkituku in Lahti. I visit your website regularly.

1703260306 148 British style and fairytale wallpapers flourish in Anna Perhos dreamy

The Downton Abbey style fascinates Anna. He bought the chandelier from a friend and the sofas from Lähdesmäki. The wallpaper on the hallway wall is from Cole & Son. The small table lamp comes from Anna’s grandparents’ house and brings back many memories of her. Jimi the dog is lying on the lap.

1703260306 407 British style and fairytale wallpapers flourish in Anna Perhos dreamy

Anna believes the ceiling in the guest room is from the 1950s. All the furniture, lamps and objects in the room are leftovers from the house. The Borås wallpaper was purchased through Aveo. The rug is from Lahti Antikiktuku, the burgundy floor paint color is from Cover Story.

1703260307 940 British style and fairytale wallpapers flourish in Anna Perhos dreamy

Anna found the serum in Proloque at Iso Roobertinkatu in Helsinki. The chairs are from Bukowski. The lamp and the chandelier were the first purchases for the house.

4/ The power of the past

I didn’t want to paint the interior doors or thresholds. Its wear may be visible. You can’t be too perfect, because that’s exactly what perfect is. When the house itself is a wrong corner, it would be crazy if there were very modern lines here. This is the house we live in.

I also wanted to preserve the windows with the old glass. The light that passes through the old glass is wonderful, very special. Looking out the window panes, I remember that when I was a child she used to pass by this place all the time. My favorite book at the time was The Secret Garden and I thought this was exactly the house. My grandfather owned the fields that surrounded the house.

I love that we haven’t had to buy many new things here. There was a lot of ready-made furniture in the house: for example, a long kitchen table with chairs and a large 18th-century wardrobe. We haven’t bought anything new here except the bed, the living room sofas, the appliances and the bathroom furniture. Others are mine, family members or bought used.

I want things to have character, some undefined x-factor. For example, the chandelier in our guest room has been affected a little, but it doesn’t have to be that serious.

1703260308 283 British style and fairytale wallpapers flourish in Anna Perhos dreamy

The bathroom furniture is from Lahti Antikikkellar, the sink and taps are from Domus Classica. The mirror over the pool was already ready at home and Anna bought the lamp for two euros at a flea market. The floor tiles are from Pukkila. Anna’s motto in interior design is that beauty comes before practicality, but as the owner of a bright floor, she has had to reflect on the validity of her motto.

1703260309 247 British style and fairytale wallpapers flourish in Anna Perhos dreamy

The shower cabinet is from Hietakari and the bathroom furniture line is adapted to Ikea cabinets. Anna found the cabinet handles in Portobello Road, London, a shop that only sells handles.

5/ Sky wallpaper

Wallpaper traditionally belongs to this type of house. You can easily create an atmosphere with them, but it is difficult with an overwhelming amount of wallpaper. I’ve spent as much time thinking about few things as choosing wallpapers. Although the wallpapers are different in each room, I have tried to maintain a kind of red thread.

I saw the bunny wallpaper for the bedroom in a Swedish interior design magazine. I knew immediately this was it! The wallpaper reminded me of one of my favorite childhood books, The People of Ruohometsä kansa. The blue tone of the wallpaper is perfect and is reminiscent of the tone of the sofas in the living room. The cloud wallpaper in the lobby is a product of the Italian luxury brand Fornasetti.

For a long time I thought about guest room wallpaper and wondered if I should leave some rooms bright. However, my friend who has the best taste in the world said don’t give up now: stick with dark colors. Fortunately, I believed. I found a wallpaper that goes really well with the tile roof in the guest room. Even that wallpaper has a touch of fantasy: it reminds me of hobbits, their huts and the forest.

1703260310 512 British style and fairytale wallpapers flourish in Anna Perhos dreamy

Hidden Hares in Långelid / Hidden Hares wallpaper by Von Brömssen. The bed and duvet are Matrin. The scratched sheets were found in the Newport online store. Decorative moldings crown the panel.

The story has been published in Gloria’s Home on 08/2023.


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