An impractical kitchen was transformed into a brilliant space wonder: this is what it looks like before and after

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When the Rissaste family bought a semi-detached house built in 2006 a couple of years ago, it was clear that the already outdated bath and sauna section would be renovated. There seemed to be no rush to make further renovations. Soon johanna and James However, in the kitchen they were constantly on a collision course.

The appliances were designed for a single sink, although the kitchen has plenty of space in terms of square footage. The cabinet doors would bang together if you tried to open them at the same time. Every day, the family also had to play Tetris with plates finding their place. The large drawers could not hold the packed dishes, so the rail mechanisms soon began to move. The kitchen also seemed gloomy and dark in its darkness.

An impractical kitchen was transformed into a brilliant space wonder

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The appliances in the old kitchen were inconveniently placed and the room seemed lower than it really was due to the large upper cupboards.

Rissase was satisfied with the interior designer. Lotta Huvinen to come up with ideas for bathroom renovations, so they also asked him to help with the kitchen plans. Johanna’s wish was for the kitchen to be functional, light and bright, but not white. As a tall person, Johanna wanted to have tall cabinets that reached all the way to the top. The low, wide cabinets in the old kitchen were dazzling: the ceiling seemed lower than the real one.

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The wall was partially tiled with the small light green Kitkat tile from ABL Tiles. This avoided the heavy impression of a row of cabinets covering the entire wall. The Bora induction hob, integrated into the island and equipped with an extractor hood, is almost invisible. The brass faucet and sink are from Tapwell.

Lotta designed the kitchen in two colors. The lower part consists of warm green cabinets, while the wood-colored doors of the upper cabinets bring a welcoming lightness to the whole. Placement of Nixi appliances, cabinets and kitchens. Sari Huttunen Thanks to storage ideas, the dishes can now easily find their place. So that the upper cabinets did not look heavy, the row was not filled to the entire wall. Instead, Lotta designed a green tile to complement the empty wall section. As if she wanted to dot the i, the tiled wall is decorated with a captivating looking lamp whose shadows make the wall its own work of art.

-The appliance drain is now clean and the kitchen is fully operational. The beautiful soft tones and the greater brightness make me happy every day, Johanna sums up the change in the new kitchen.

1703256564 404 An impractical kitchen was transformed into a brilliant space wonder

The microwave oven was built into the cabinet. Since the kitchen has many work surfaces, you can store beautiful objects on top of this furniture. Adapting to the mosaic of the opposite wall, the wall got its surface in the soft green paint tone Merisavu, Tikkurila.

The story has been published in Gloria’s Home on 06/2023.


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