4 Tips to Create a Modern Christmas Aesthetic

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Tis the season to indulge in the cozy ambiance of winter, whether you’re in your lavish Hollywood Hills home or a charming snow-kissed cabin in Frederick, MA. 

As you enjoy the holiday season, the excitement to deck the halls in festive décor is palpable. But in a world where traditional reds and greens dominate, you might be yearning for something more contemporary. This Redfin article will be your guide to infusing the classic holiday spirit with a fresh, modern twist.Christmas Night At The Chalet

1. Harmonize holiday décor with your existing style

Transforming your home for the holidays doesn’t mean a complete overhaul. Instead, weave Holiday decorations seamlessly into your existing décor. The key is to pick elements that complement your current style. For a modern aesthetic, focus on simplicity and elegance. If your space is minimalistic, opt for decorations with clean lines and a monochromatic palette.

Design and color expert Dawn Bane with Spectrum Design Group shares, “When introducing seasonal décor to your modern façade, consider natural materials that can bring the outdoors in, but without a strong contrast like traditional red and green Christmas décor.” Bane suggests introducing decorative pieces such as clay or terracotta trees, table-top villages, and other “high textural elements to contrast.” 

Michael Baetge, Owner of SC41 Furniture & Mattresses, also recommends “choosing decorative holiday items made of warm natural fiber rugs and organic cotton throws for a sleek modern look.”

Christmas Tree in living room interior - stock photo

2. Curate a contemporary Christmas tree with unique ornaments

Christmas trees are a glimpse of personality that doesn’t have to be sacrificed when styling your home in a modern fashion. Milad Kazemi, president of M&N Home Design Inc. in Agoura Hills, CA, recommends “decorating with geometric shapes, metallic finishes, and clear glass ornaments to capture modernism.”

Among your contemporary ornaments, add in sentimental pieces collected throughout the years; whether it commemorates a child’s first Christmas, a wedding anniversary, or an ornament from your travels abroad.

Remember, less is more in modern design, so be selective and aim for a balanced, visually appealing tree that stands as a centerpiece in your modern holiday home.

Interior of a modern lake house with fireplace and Christmas decorations in the winter.

3. Don’t let decorations overwhelm your space

In modern design, there’s beauty in simplicity. When decorating for the holidays, it’s important not to overdo it. Opt for fewer, high-quality decorations rather than a multitude of items that can clutter your space. This approach not only maintains the sleek, uncluttered aesthetic of modern design but also allows each decoration to stand out and be appreciated fully.

Lexi Brandfon of Brooklyn, New York’s Lex & Hudson Interiors shares to continue the theme of modernism by “limiting the areas within your home to display holiday decorations.” Places to consider integrating Christmas decorations without overwhelming your interior include the mantle, a console table, and a corner or window front spot for your Christmas tree.

home interior with holiday decor

4. Opt for subtle and sophisticated lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a modern Christmas atmosphere. Instead of the traditional multicolored, blinking lights, opt for a more subdued and sophisticated approach. Choose warm white LED lights for a clean, consistent glow that complements a modern aesthetic. Consider string lights with a minimalist design, or use simple, elegant candle lights to add a warm and inviting ambiance. For an ultra-modern touch, incorporate smart lighting solutions that allow you to control brightness and color to match your mood or theme.

Julie Radle, marketing manager with Lighting by GGA, suggests integrating LED track lighting on the exterior of your home to capture a winter wonderland moment in addition to LED strands weaved within your Christmas tree, hanging wreaths, or garland.

Fireplace, christmas tree and presents in a luxurious chalet with snowy mountain view.

Final thoughts on creating a modern Christmas aesthetic:

Creating a modern Christmas aesthetic in your home involves thoughtful choices and a less-is-more approach. Remember, the essence of modern design lies in simplicity and elegance. So, as you prepare your home for the holiday season, let these tips guide you in crafting a space that is both festive and fashionably contemporary.


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