November 2023

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6-Figure Earners are Shopping at Dollar Stores – Here’s What They Are Buying

  Xinhua / 6-Figure Earners are Shopping at Dollar Stores – Here's What They Are Buying With inflation at a four-decade high and Americans’ wallets being hard hit, wealthier shoppers are now also turning to Dollar Generalaccording to CEO Todd Vasos. Speaking at a retail conference last year on Sept. 7, Vasos said that the chain has been attracting shoppers with a yearly income...

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7 Ways To Grow Passive Income Without Paying Taxes

  sureeporn / Getty Images/iStockphoto Earning money while you sleep is possible, but did you know that you can also avoid taxes while growing your passive income streams? There are several ways to protect your income from taxes, but many types of passive income require that you pay business income taxes or tax on all of your earnings. So, instead of building income streams just to pay more in taxes,...

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Americans’ No. 1 Savings Goal Isn’t To Buy a House or a Car: See What They’re Really Saving Up For

  nycshooter / Ah, the classic American Dream. A house with a white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a Golden Retriever. Well, for many, that’s not the case anymore. In the world of money and future plans, people used to think buying a house or getting a car was the most important thing to save for. But things have changed, and now many Americans have a new top savings goal. It’s not what...

 What is MCGM Portal and How to Use It

 What is MCGM Portal and How to Use It?

As a resident of Mumbai, you've likely come across the term "MCGM Portal." But have you delved into its purpose and functionality? This comprehensive guide will shed light on the MCGM Portal, encompassing its features, benefits, registration process, and login procedure. Additionally, we'll walk you through some of the portal's most sought-after services, including water bill payment, property tax...

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Making Extra Student Loan Payments Could Be a Mistake — Here’s Why

Should you make extra student loan payments? While it can save you money on interest and pay off your loan faster, it's not always the best financial decision. Learn why and when it makes sense to make extra payments. DNY59 / Getty Images/iStockphoto If you have the funds, making extra payments on student loans is always a smart financial move to consider, particularly for high-interest debt....

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Lost Money on Crypto in 2023? This Trick Could Help You Pay 0% Capital Gains Tax

  D-None / At a time when many investors are looking at ways to curb their tax bill for those holding crypto, there is at least one common strategy to do so. Following the beating the crypto market took in 2022 — which translated into huge losses and bruised confidence in the crypto space writ large — many investors used the so-called “tax loss harvesting” strategy. But as 2023...

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Housing Market 2023: 4 Predictions for Winter, According to Experts

  nycshooter / Even though the weather is colder and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is ramping up, there are still people who are interested in buying — and selling — their homes during the winter. If you’re one of those people and you’re wondering what to expect, here are four predictions for the housing market this winter, according to experts. What Homebuyers Can...

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Homebuyers Are Leaving Austin: 3 Cities They’re Moving To Instead

  Jonathan Ross / Getty Images/iStockphoto Once a hotspot during the COVID-19 pandemic, Austin, Texas, might be losing its migration momentum.  Key findings from a Redfin report in October indicated that more homebuyers were interested in moving out of Austin than moving in. This was based on the searches of nearly 2 million users who viewed for-sale homes online across more than 100...

Mumbai Property Tax Navi Mumbai Property Tax and Mumbai Property Rates

Mumbai Property Tax, Navi Mumbai Property Tax, and Mumbai Property Rates

If you are planning to buy a property in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai, you should be aware of the Mumbai Property tax rates and rules that apply to different areas and types of properties. Property tax is a levy imposed by the municipal corporation on the owners of properties within its jurisdiction. It is one of the main sources of revenue for the municipal corporation and helps in providing civic amenities and...

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